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Tiger Moth Balsa Plane Kit

Rs. 21900.00
Quantity :



  • Wing Span : 1400mm Length: 1100mm
  • Wood Pieces Weight - 820g

Recomended Power setup

  • Motor : 4260 LeopardPower Motor (Not Included)
  • Battery : 4S 3300mAh (Not Included)
  • Servo : 17g M0170 Metal gear (Not Included)
  • Tx/Rx : 4ch (Not Included)
  • Required for completion
    Covering Material
  • Covering Iron / Hot air gun
  • Wood Glue/ Super Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Cutting Tools, and Screw drivers
  • 2x12 Screws
  • Clevis, Control Horns, Push rods, Push rod holders,
  • Servo Extensions
  • Wheel Collars (2mm)
  • Your own Remote Controller (4ch)